Fire and Smoke-Damaged Furniture Restoration Toronto

Fire and Smoke-Damaged Furniture Restoration Toronto

If your furniture has recently suffered fire or smoke damage, the first thing that needs to be done is to assess the amount of damage to see whether or not the furniture can be salvaged. If the furniture hasn’t been burned badly the furniture may be saved but in extreme cases the furniture may be beyond repair. If you aren’t sure whether a piece can be salvaged you should contact a furniture restoration Toronto company for further advice.

You may be able to do furniture restoration Toronto on your own on pieces that have only been slightly damaged. Here are some restoration tips you can use if you are handy and feel that you can tackle the project.

Safety First
Before getting started on any type of project such as this you’ll need to make sure that there is no chance that any lingering sparks are close by. The fire must have been completely extinguished and all items in the home must have had time to cool down sufficiently.

A lot of the cleaning materials and solvents that you may need to use for this fire furniture restoration Toronto project are extremely flammable. Make sure that there is no chance that the cleaners could ignite another fire. Once you are completely certain that you are working in a safe environment in terms of fire prevention, make sure that you have selected an area to do your project that has a lot of ventilation.

In many instances the furniture may have been damaged by not only fire and smoke but by water used to extinguish the flames. If this applies to your furniture, you must also ensure that the pieces have completely dried out before starting furniture restoration Toronto.

Wood Finishing Toronto to Handle Smoke Damage

If your piece of furniture wasn’t damaged by fire but only suffered from smoke damage, you may only need to clean it with a solvent. Most wood finishing Toronto involves using either paint thinner or denatured alcohol to remove any smoke stains. Using a cloth with a rough surface, apply the solvent to the cloth and then rub the area thoroughly.

Once the stains have been removed, use a damp cloth to go over the surface again and then use another smooth, clean cloth to dry the furniture. Once the furniture has dried, the wood finishing Toronto is almost complete. You’ll simply need to polish the piece using the waxing material that is recommended. The recommended wax will be determined by the type of stain, lacquer or finish on the piece of furniture.

How to Handle Fire Damage
If your furniture has any burn stains or has been scorched lightly, you can use sandpaper to remove the stains and to make the wood smooth again. If the burn stains are too deep, you’ll need to call up a wood finishing Toronto restoration company for further advice. Only attempt to work on surface burns that haven’t greatly damaged the furniture.

Working with Smoke–Damaged, Fabric Covered Furniture Pieces
If the furniture piece you have has smoke-damaged fabric on it, use the following recommendations. First, vacuum up any soot residue with an attachment that has a flat brush on it. Next, sprinkle some baking soda onto the fabric and allow the powder to sit for at least 24 hours. After this time, vacuum up the soda and then immediately sprinkle more baking soda onto the fabric. Vacuum up the second baking soda treatment in 24 hours and then wash the fabric using cold water.

There are special washing detergents that you can buy that have been made to specially get rid of bad odours like smoke. After the fabric has been washed, allow it to air dry. This will also help remove any lingering odours.

If you find that your fabric-covered furniture pieces can’t be salvaged this way, you’ll need to use an antique furniture restoration or wood finishing Toronto company to reupholster the piece of furniture.

Find out Whether Your Insurance Will Cover the Costs
Having a fire is extremely traumatic and you may not want to deal with any of the furniture restoration on your own. This is completely understandable and in many cases insurance companies will pay for the work done by furniture restoration Toronto companies. Before deciding to tackle everything on your own, talk to your insurance company first.

Many people get overwhelmed by these types of projects. Even individuals that are very handy may get quite emotional handling their own furniture that has been fire, smoke or water-damaged. It’s always a good idea to let the professionals do it for you whenever possible. This is especially true for pieces of furniture that you hold dear to your heart and have a sentimental value.

Hire an Antique Furniture Restoration Company

One last word of advice is to use the services of an antique furniture restoration company in Toronto if you have a valuable or antique piece of furniture that you want to save. Restoring an antique back to its former condition can be tricky even in the best of circumstances. If the antique is special to you, don’t spend time trying to restore it on your own. You may end up damaging it even more and in some cases it can be damaged to the point where restoration becomes almost impossible.
Lanciano Furniture is an antique furniture restoration Toronto company that can help you with any type of restoration project. Whether your damaged furniture is new or old, we can help you restore it. We will let you know exactly what can be done for your furniture up front so that you can know what to expect. We are committed to details so don’t hesitate to call us when you have any type of damaged furniture that needs new life breathed into it.

Visit our website now at to get our contact details and to learn more about our company. We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction to all of our clients.


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