Furniture Restoration Toronto – Best Ways to Repair a Dent in Wood Furniture

Furniture restoration Toronto

Furniture Restoration Toronto – Best Ways to Repair a Dent in Wood Furniture

When you notice a dent in your wood furniture your first thought might be that it’s beyond repair. Fortunately, smaller-sized dents can be removed from furniture that has a soft wood surface. By using the combination of moisture and heat, you may be able to get that dent out quickly and efficiently and save your wood furniture. Use this furniture restoration Toronto tip to smooth out the dent to make your furniture look as good as new.

The one thing that you won’t want to do, however, is work on the dent if you notice that there has been any chipping or breakage around it. If you see this, it’s time to call up a professional to get it fixed to avoid any further damage.

Step 1
Start by filling the dent with a small amount of water. Pour approximately 1 ounce of water or less on top of the area that has been affected. You’ll want to make sure that the dent is covered along with a small section of the wood that is surrounding it. You should notice that there is a pool of water that has accumulated in the dent and this is a good sign that enough has been applied.

The best way to apply the water is using a kitchen baster or an eyedropper. This gives you more control over where the water is dispersed and how much is added.

Step 2
Once the dent has been dampened, place a thin piece of dampened cloth or dampened paper towel over it. Make sure that the paper towel or the cloth aren’t too wet and wring out any excess water if necessary. These items will create a buffer between the iron and the wood and more moisture to the area that is being worked on. If you choose to use a cloth, make sure that you choose one that you don’t mind ruining. An old rag would work perfectly for this.

Step 3
Give the water some extra time to ensure that it has soaked well into the wood. Wait another couple of minutes before continuing on with the process. You’ll want the water to penetrate deep into the wood to ensure that the steaming process is as effective as possible. The water makes the wood softer and more pliable. This allows the wood to expand when heat is applied to the spot, allowing the dent to lift up on its own.

Step 4
Heat up the iron and place it at its highest setting. Give the iron time to warm up completely since it must be as hot as possible for this to work. Once you feel that the iron has reached its maximum temperature, run the iron along the dented area. If the dent appears in a corner of the wood furniture or on the side of it, you may need to use your free hand to keep the cloth or the paper towel in place while you are ironing.

Use circular, slow motions as you run over the dent a few times. Then, start to widen the area and continue ironing until you see that the cloth or the paper towel is dry. Lift up the corner of the towel or cloth in order to see what progress has been made.

Be sure to keep the iron moving and not let it sit in place too long. This could cause the wood or the cloth to become scorched. The heat of the iron along with the moisture will make the wood that was previously compressed swell up, allowing the wood to return to its original shape.

Step 5
Repeat the process if necessary. Once the cloth or fabric has dried up completely, it’s time to wet the wood and another cloth if there is still any sign of the dent. In some cases the dent cannot be entirely removed and you will need to call in a professional furniture restoration Toronto company to get help. In some cases, however, you may notice that the dent has been leveled out enough to make it much less noticeable and you may be completely happy with this result.

Furniture repair Toronto

Wood Swell Products for Furniture Repair Toronto

There are products on the market you can use to help raise the dents if you want to save yourself the time and energy of using a hot iron and moisture to get the dent out. Wood swell products for furniture repair Toronto can be found in home improvement stores. It is available as a liquid and is applied directly to the area. In most cases you’ll have to wait 24 hours to find out if the application was successful or not. Be sure to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the wood swell product that appears on the packaging.

Furniture Restoration for Deep Gouges or Dents

Deeper gouges and dents may need additional work. If you decide to do this yourself you can fill in the dents or gouges with wood putty that has been specially designed for furniture restoration, allow it to dry and then sand it down so that it is level with the rest of the surface. You’ll need to make sure that you find a putty that matches the rest of the furniture as best as possible. It can be difficult, however, to get the exact tone that you want so you may or may not be happy with the final results.

If you find that you aren’t satisfied with the work you did on your wood furniture, feel free to get in touch with us at We can let you know what we can do for you in order to get the piece of furniture looking its best again.

We are a leading furniture restoration and furniture repair Toronto company with a solid reputation in the field. Whether you need modern or antique furniture restoration Toronto, we are the ones to call first.


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